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S1RGUN88's News

Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 16th, 2019

just some random SHITTY ART THINGS for you boiz and Gurls to look at from either things im gonna finish or just leave to Die also NOTE Some of this SHit is Old and from me just trying out something in my brain Even though this news post will be long its only to show all my Abandoned Projects


This one was gonna be Well remember Back a year ago when i was doing That Fuck off BS multiple Character thing Well this was gonna be a better redo of it but i lost interest Around Time of October.

iu_19679_6829807.pngThis one was Around the Time i did the Cyclops Agent Thingy.


This one was around the time of when i did That Silly Roblox/Minecraft Looking REALM illuviation thing. Instead this about Jsoull being a stalker for Gibb50 in a yandere way Because my Brain is Fucked back then and still is.


Obviously this one was around When Paradig Madness 2 was Released Obviously Haven't touched it for a long while.


This One Again On Jsoull Around November Time About well i don't know really what i was thinking about but i named the file Quite the Gentleman so I don't Fucking know.iu_19685_6829807.png

And This Last one was Done Around Early Jan 2019 it was supposed to be a Diagram about My Oc But also lost interest... Yeah I might Finish half of these As in Probably the OC diagram-6th and probably also the first one but thats A might. Not a Will do Because the other 4 to me Are to Shit...



Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 16th, 2019

uh g'day twatwaffle's and a anuses uh still busy at work as i have specified i like a lot of detail on my sprites to be done so i take 72 years doing that so yeah also probably for at least awhile the only upload's that will be published on here will be art-thingy's when i have spare time or if i want to do a art things like this which hopefully i Stop taking Decades to do...


theres that shit so only expect art shite for awhile until i get my weapon, object, ammo and jolly wanker people/madness people things done so see ya. :Secondly i know those buildings there look way to the same as the science tower from MPN1 let me put ur critism to rest they're NOT they're defence towers/airbases to protect the outskirts of are beloved city from those things that would wish to see are city turned into a breeding ground for there ever lasting Hivemind.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - March 26th, 2019

sorry for not posting or giving update's I'm at the age of exam's with that I'm a anus a big throbbing one when it comes to detail on sprites which will mean i want my sprites looking perfect and not some rushed piece of trash so yeah just a little update so you know i haven't bitten the dust yet...



Posted by S1RGUN88 - March 1st, 2019

iu_10217_6829807.png im not being lazy i promise im hard at work i will colour it just wanted to show you what im working on you know as you do...(the gun is a Stoner LMG you know from NAM) also thank you for twenty fans :)

iu_11660_6829807.pngupdated it finally i was busy because i've found out the hard way trying that making the Barricader agents visor/headgear the way i want it is a bit difficult and heres a not fully finished about a 20% to 25% finished verison of my atp destructer thing just a head for the moment sorry if its a bit small.

iu_11661_6829807.png Also as a side note i have finished the disrupter agent/cyclops agent so he doesnt look like a rip off red verison of kelzad and no you cannot have him you will wait or i will eat you (>0<)....RaWr



Posted by S1RGUN88 - February 12th, 2019

iu_7246_6829807.png uh yeah before you start i will shade it right away i just wanted to show that i am trying to make my own sprites...also because its FEB the 12th which means happy Birthday to Mr supermecha also this isn't the only sprite i have been making affair few um ya know with the 3rd agency most used guns BS from 2018 well ive been busy working on them i will try to try as in TRY and not be a lazy prick to get these into uhh sprite sheets so IF others wanna use them they can but anyways other things i wanted to touch on is uh if any of you remember that Fucking shit ass Karak Fuck Tard thing well im gonna stay away from things like that i mean i dont wanna have a whole drama program on it like the Kelzad stuff with Janer no offense but that karak thing looked way to similar to yeelon... So i will definitely try for a different well not different many games have done it but a Possible Hivemind if ya know what i mean because the vagina faced creatures i have sparked to life is uh i would say a good stepping stone if i where to make it a hive mind Jesus look at me drone on im terribly sorry but yeah uh what do you think in either critism or helpful info i do not mind and again very happy birthday supermecha :)



Posted by S1RGUN88 - February 6th, 2019

just some shite walk test just to show i am working on something for once




Posted by S1RGUN88 - February 4th, 2019

i've finally got my new computer which hopefully means i can actually do something constructive like animation....because i had mac at the time which in all honesty isn't the platform im familiar with but anyways oh and im gonna say it early incase i forget but i probably wont but happy early birthday supermecha!!! also im a lazy shit looking back at my old-ish newspost i am terribly sorry its not intentional but yeah i will try to make 2019 for me abit of a less shitty year on my behave anyways NOW BEGONE or i will feast on your pancreas juices.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - January 29th, 2019

uh so i've renamed some of my soldiers uh im just gonna do a list of everything excluding vehicles i will leave that to when i can refind my sketching books. 

Disrupter-Agent (Rename of Cyclop Agent's)   Barricader-Agent   Rumblerator-Agent   Overseer-Agent(Rename of TriSeer)   A.T.P Hell-Diver   A.T.P Voltolator   A.T.P Resurrector   A.T.P Destructor thats it so far... eh idk :I




Posted by S1RGUN88 - January 21st, 2019

theres that i guess oof much more spicy of a soldier mr ATP resurrector you are one of a kind 



Posted by S1RGUN88 - January 18th, 2019

birthday tomorrow :) so my vagina face will grow in width, length and Deepness i think i couldn't honestly tell you how this hole in my face works...