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Posted by S1RGUN88 - November 22nd, 2020


Is this my peak on this site Some shite Picture of A roblox version of kelzad..?


Posted by S1RGUN88 - September 22nd, 2020

Happy MD2020 to all nothing new just Happy to see all the beautiful animations and music


Posted by S1RGUN88 - July 15th, 2020

I have so far designed 23 Character Sprites with different Damage Models Also 8 Separate Vehicle Models for my NXGC forces The Weapons Sprites Number now stands at 74 I know That I haven’t showed any physical pictures of my Sprites is because 1st I want to release them all together and 2nd for that I don’t want to have some of designs copied/altered and released by some other person I know I’m being really defensive with something so petty but it’s the only way I would keep my inspiration up so I will keep my news posts to words so now speaking about my work I’m taking a break from the NXGC Shenanigans And I’m gonna be focus on EDF-5 Gun Sprites so That’s thing I guess whatever...


Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 28th, 2020

OK so bare with me as I Give a Partial RunDown of How My Different Classes Of Agent/A.T.P will Work I Guess This might be along Post ok so Starting with the Agents

Viperation: The Viperation Agents are Designed to be mainly a light Scout type of personnel to Inform Heavier and Greater Numbered Forces Of NXGC Movements To the Area they’re current heading towards. (Basically Your Common Scout Trooper)

Disrupter: These Units Have undergone A medium amount of Mutation within there heads the main focus of the Disrupter is to well Disrupt Communication but has other uses one of the more Common Uses is to Maximise Their Cerebral Cortex With their HeadGear to Admit a Loud Ear Piercing Noise Which in turn causes damage to both hostiles and the Disrupter.

Barricader: The Barricader is A Stable and resourceful fix for where cover is sparse Barricader Units main job Outside of Blasting at Hostiles is to Protect Harmed Fellow NXGC although the Barricader Seems like it’s A Border line over powered Design it cannot keep the Psi-Wall up for long and requires Voltolator Support for a Recharge For around about 20-25 minutes The Barricader May also Utilise a portion of its power storage to use its Psi-Wall to Knock Hostiles Back A Good few Meters.

Overseeker: A Long range Support unit with a few new Gadgets for said combat Overseeker’s weapon consist mainly of IMP Energy infused with Ballistic Cartridges Said weapon can be attached to the Overseekers Facial plate around the Headgear allowing for greater stability and increased Power to the weapon itself during this state Overseeker Units main Ocular Lens Functions as it’s Ranging scope with two Secondary Ocular Lens connected to sides which can turn 90 degrees to warn the User from Enemies Approaching from the sides. (i feel the name Overseeker works well for this type of unit)


Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 21st, 2020

I Have not much to add To this Community I had a lot of homework and exams to do lately barely anytime to do my animation because even with this lockdown my School/College Still feels the needs to Bombard me with work but I will work through it to gets some Presentable Stuff on here.

Posted by S1RGUN88 - March 22nd, 2020

The NXGC Does have Vehicle’s as in I’m making vehicle sprites I will upload some art of them in a couple of days and will list them below

(NXGC Naval/Hover Based Crafts)





(NXGC Aerial Based Crafts)





(NXGC Land Based Crafts)

A.R.W (stands for Asteration Rupture Walker)

D.R.W (stands for Devastator Rupture Walker)




thats it for now these will be as extras or something viewed in the background.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - February 29th, 2020

I'm at a slight impasse one hand I’m thinking of only expressing my like for madness content in art/modding format or on the other to express it in animation/and writing I really don’t know what to do in my honest opinion because I want to make a instant decision and not fuck about in my brain hmm I don’t know I will get somewhere in the end I guess Rupturilzation is looking at 1:24 in run time right now as well so that’s a thing.


Posted by S1RGUN88 - January 17th, 2020

My birthday is in 2 days so that’s a thing I’m currently designing/renaming all my characters

:name list

Viperation Agent

Disrupter Agent

Barricader Agent

OverSeeker Agent

Rumbilation Agent

Voltolator Agent







(Kamsumrak) what my Oc is/Greg Harrison or NXGC’s Classification for it NXGC-kamsumrak-unit-023

(NXGC) Nevadian Xenotransplantation Of Governmental Collaborations a name that different Organizations of Nevada used after Unification was Achieved without mass violence to each over. Causing a more stronger and well situated presence for the future of Nevada and all it’s inhabitants until a very recent event.

hopefully Rupturilzation will be decent not amazing I prefer decent and I probably bet with my shall we say laziness I wont be aiming for any release dates because that’s false hope I don’t wanna give you people that anyways ranting aside have a wonderful year as I’m going to be spending a lot of time on this.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - December 27th, 2019

iu_81175_6829807.jpgit would seem the higher Nevadian employers bless me on this day but they sent me a weird type of seat...iu_81176_6829807.jpgI will begin rupturilzation soon I will just need to get use to This again


Posted by S1RGUN88 - November 6th, 2019

I’m aiming to buy myself a better computer well a desktop one for Christmas time so I can shell out good shit and stuff for your viewing and staring pleasure I guess but more on that later I have gotten a good-ish beginning for Ruptilzation but I will halt progress until I can transfer my files to a better work unit as in the desktop computer mainly because with laptops they’re not quite ideal for animation and doodling anyway’s hope you enjoyed your halloweens and bonfire nights and I will see you at Christmas time see ya.