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S1RGUN88's News

Posted by S1RGUN88 - 12 days ago

just a headgear remake of the soldat ugh


And this is more towards Mr Prov22 because he said and he was super true that before hand my Atp Destructor Unit as i called it looked like a faggot parody of his Oc so i have attempted a Remake of my Destructor unit so it doesnt Look like that hopefully i dont know hes been Inactive for quite some time busy man also i have attempted to color this one so tell me what you think of the coloring?iu_33201_6829807.png



Posted by S1RGUN88 - 2 weeks ago

just wanted to attempt a fair bit of a reskin based on the agent mk0 with a bit more head protection uh tell me what ya think


also here is my first weapon for M.A.G units thats it for now :I




Posted by S1RGUN88 - 1 month ago

well i think i have the start of his face at least bare in mind he doesnt have his mouth anus on this one but that will be tactically inserted later


still hard at work on this random shit but yeah see ya in about 2 weeks when i have made some better progress



Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 14th, 2019

some random irl drawing of paradigmadness thing im doing ah shit i dont know god that was cringe FUCK :)


boiz be floating for the meantime I KNOW ALRIGHT SOME BOIZ/OC's Here didn't take part in the paradigmadness collab's okay so dont get your Twat's in a twist... if this isnt enough proof that im human NG terms and service then at the bottom right is my knee you plebian.


Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 1st, 2019

oof heres some weapons for you twatwaffles ;D






Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 25th, 2019


Barricader Agent Boi I Guess So oof... also i forgot this account is finally a year old even though i already knew about madness back in 2013 well that just shows it there of my lazy ness 5 years to make a account jesus christ...lazy prick



Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 16th, 2019

just some random SHITTY ART THINGS for you boiz and Gurls to look at from either things im gonna finish or just leave to Die also NOTE Some of this SHit is Old and from me just trying out something in my brain Even though this news post will be long its only to show all my Abandoned Projects


This one was gonna be Well remember Back a year ago when i was doing That Fuck off BS multiple Character thing Well this was gonna be a better redo of it but i lost interest Around Time of October.

iu_19679_6829807.pngThis one was Around the Time i did the Cyclops Agent Thingy.


This one was around the time of when i did That Silly Roblox/Minecraft Looking REALM illuviation thing. Instead this about Jsoull being a stalker for Gibb50 in a yandere way Because my Brain is Fucked back then and still is.


Obviously this one was around When Paradig Madness 2 was Released Obviously Haven't touched it for a long while.


This One Again On Jsoull Around November Time About well i don't know really what i was thinking about but i named the file Quite the Gentleman so I don't Fucking know.iu_19685_6829807.png

And This Last one was Done Around Early Jan 2019 it was supposed to be a Diagram about My Oc But also lost interest... Yeah I might Finish half of these As in Probably the OC diagram-6th and probably also the first one but thats A might. Not a Will do Because the other 4 to me Are to Shit...



Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 16th, 2019

uh g'day twatwaffle's and a anuses uh still busy at work as i have specified i like a lot of detail on my sprites to be done so i take 72 years doing that so yeah also probably for at least awhile the only upload's that will be published on here will be art-thingy's when i have spare time or if i want to do a art things like this which hopefully i Stop taking Decades to do...


theres that shit so only expect art shite for awhile until i get my weapon, object, ammo and jolly wanker people/madness people things done so see ya. :Secondly i know those buildings there look way to the same as the science tower from MPN1 let me put ur critism to rest they're NOT they're defence towers/airbases to protect the outskirts of are beloved city from those things that would wish to see are city turned into a breeding ground for there ever lasting Hivemind.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - March 26th, 2019

sorry for not posting or giving update's I'm at the age of exam's with that I'm a anus a big throbbing one when it comes to detail on sprites which will mean i want my sprites looking perfect and not some rushed piece of trash so yeah just a little update so you know i haven't bitten the dust yet...



Posted by S1RGUN88 - March 1st, 2019

iu_10217_6829807.png im not being lazy i promise im hard at work i will colour it just wanted to show you what im working on you know as you do...(the gun is a Stoner LMG you know from NAM) also thank you for twenty fans :)

iu_11660_6829807.pngupdated it finally i was busy because i've found out the hard way trying that making the Barricader agents visor/headgear the way i want it is a bit difficult and heres a not fully finished about a 20% to 25% finished verison of my atp destructer thing just a head for the moment sorry if its a bit small.

iu_11661_6829807.png Also as a side note i have finished the disrupter agent/cyclops agent so he doesnt look like a rip off red verison of kelzad and no you cannot have him you will wait or i will eat you (>0<)....RaWr