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S1RGUN88's News

Posted by S1RGUN88 - October 17th, 2019

i have no real imagery thats worth showing but i have started on my own animations this can only go bad probably i dont know but i will leave it up to when i finish it the Animations name i have decide to call it Madness Rupturilzation so eh i dont really know but im happy to believe i can make at least something.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - September 21st, 2019

Have a good one all of you

i have literally nothing to add for this year my projects im doing keep hitting impasses also i have been Brain storming names of my shite in my spare time like Asteration Rupter Walker (A.R.W) yeah thats really it i mean its not much uh i might post a couple of images of the S.C.I post i did in minecraft but yeah that actually sounds really cringe Ah fuck it i will do it in a couple of days i promise at least it be something right Anyways Have A Jolly Good Happiful Madness Day Everyone :D


Posted by S1RGUN88 - July 25th, 2019

I've been experimenting with flash and krita paint program and playing some SCP gameroni's and RTS Bullshit thats really all i guess not very interesting but at least im not dead like mr Marcus (Prov22) im sure he has his reason's



Posted by S1RGUN88 - July 6th, 2019

all i have been doing for past 2 week when not drawing is just fucking around on geycraft (minecraft) and building zed city is that the name of the madness combat capital city or nexus city I dont know so yeah thats all the news i have so far eh fuck it also i might upload a screen shot for no reason of my progress i cant believe im saying this but in minecraft i can express my take on my 3rd agency alot better after all they're are a or mean't to be a more secretive nexus core force to deal with Devastating class threats to Nevada not singular/groups of Rebels thats a job for the A.A.M.O anyways also im gonna need to seriously think of a better Name For my Nexus Core Backup Division of faggots but yeah maybe after ive expressed enough ideal's on Minecraft to myself we will just have wait and see uh fuck why dont i just Shut the fuck up i dont know but still its Madness-Combat so nothing Ever properly makes sense like me expressing my gay sloppy love now for minecraft and me being able to make things from my brain out on here of course if i do take these new building's, defense cannons, vehicles and Random Inventions the hard part comes down to making them play key roles in a animation that wont be shit so i need to practice like alot for what i hope to bring to this wonderful series i want to aim for a big long project to be a all out battle and not just one or a group of Oc's trying to do a goal or Kill someone and not some reality warping Bullshit i want for myself personally to create something like a proper war with no happy ends cuz those are gay and bad ends cuz those happen way to often on here if this hard to understand im sorry but i thought i should express my personal opinion instead of hiding behind the trending topic curtain like some people still are sticking to floating rocks... But Yeah Putting plain and simple my idea for what i hope to animate is a gruesome horrific pile of conflicts between well what ever i think up that isnt something that has existed yet like some of my not all but a couple of my Nexus or 3rd Agency Whatever you wanna call them my agents i attempt as much as possible to stay away from there Nexus-Core Counter-parts so like the A.T.P Destructors i had to redesign because i didn't want it to look like a faggot parody of Prov22 my old Cyclops agent now called Disrupter Agents have been redesigned twice theres only one unique per say one i have and thats the A.T.P Ressurector which needs a better name i feel anyways see like i think Now most of Units need better names which requires me to think for like 3 hours again Sorry for the Longest Post of Writing i have ever done on Newgrounds anyways I will put it to close and just say that i need to Think Long And Real Hard about Everything I Want to do for my part on this site.



Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 12th, 2019

just a headgear remake of the soldat ugh


And this is more towards Mr Prov22 because he said and he was super true that before hand my Atp Destructor Unit as i called it looked like a faggot parody of his Oc so i have attempted a Remake of my Destructor unit so it doesnt Look like that hopefully i dont know hes been Inactive for quite some time busy man also i have attempted to color this one so tell me what you think of the coloring?iu_33201_6829807.png



Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 5th, 2019

just wanted to attempt a fair bit of a reskin based on the agent mk0 with a bit more head protection uh tell me what ya think


also here is my first weapon for M.A.G units thats it for now :I




Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 23rd, 2019

well i think i have the start of his face at least bare in mind he doesnt have his mouth anus on this one but that will be tactically inserted later


still hard at work on this random shit but yeah see ya in about 2 weeks when i have made some better progress



Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 14th, 2019

some random irl drawing of paradigmadness thing im doing ah shit i dont know god that was cringe FUCK :)


boiz be floating for the meantime I KNOW ALRIGHT SOME BOIZ/OC's Here didn't take part in the paradigmadness collab's okay so dont get your Twat's in a twist... if this isnt enough proof that im human NG terms and service then at the bottom right is my knee you plebian.


Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 1st, 2019

oof heres some weapons for you twatwaffles ;D






Posted by S1RGUN88 - April 25th, 2019


Barricader Agent Boi I Guess So oof... also i forgot this account is finally a year old even though i already knew about madness back in 2013 well that just shows it there of my lazy ness 5 years to make a account jesus christ...lazy prick