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S1RGUN88's News

Posted by S1RGUN88 - July 7th, 2018

6829807_153098468353_MadnessMovietime.pngFirstly this isnt the finished product i will fix some issues but i will finish making as many as i can fit in and BE WARNED NEVER BUY THE PINK OREOS IT TURNS YOUR TURDS PINK/PURPLE-ISH!!! and thanks for nearly 100 views on that Realm tribute :D


Posted by S1RGUN88 - July 5th, 2018

i am in the works of creating a madness OC art picture 10/10 original ART something based around movie theatre for some reason im gonna try to fit at least over 20 OR MORE of you wierd people in one spot should be nice i guess :D 

(at the moment ive got Prov22, Burtjack, ATP505 and P3M if you wanted to know at all)

(Update-1 added 4 more OCs added Cymbourine, Kelzad-00X, Agent Madnesia, and Juanfords)  (Update-2.1 added SuperMecha and Crystal Blue) (Update-2.2 Added S1RGUN88/me, Gibb50, Jsoull, MadnessCrazy123 and Gabriel Barsch)                                                   


Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 23rd, 2018

i will either be doing fan art for a bit or carrying on with my main art the 3rd agency but to spice it up i will start going into the forgotten which i have some drawings of but will try to publish them to my fullest detail with the program i have  because macs cant get macromedia :P 

Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 19th, 2018

ive been quiet busy with school and other things in my life but more art is on te way so dont worry if anyone is :I plus working on something like a fanart but meme related in a way its not be very detailed unlike most over arts i have done though 


Posted by S1RGUN88 - June 4th, 2018

Check it out on the art portal and tell me what you think :D for my first proper art! the next thing will be a drawing of my first ranking agent of the third agency the cyclops Agent hopefully that will be here in a couple of hours :D (abit of back story aswell the third agency is constructed to harvest the power of improbility but in a controlled manner but with power comes great sacrifice and some sacrifices can lead to the most horrifying reactions the sheriff the 1st Agency the Auditor/A.A.H.W the 2nd Agency and then so comes the third Agency 


Posted by S1RGUN88 - May 2nd, 2018


something for my madness series i want to do because alot of people want to so that answers it self something something got rid of the A.A.H.W as in the 2nd agency so this will be called the 3rd agency for now or something eh :note this is only on microsoft paint because im a noob