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Oh no I died...

Absolute Blood Fest Let us all Run are faces into the wall and pledge are Gore to the almighty GOD Of Madness👌

If it’s a meme or not but why is that a massive paragraph orgy down in comments? Anyways Madness Combat 20.1 Looks epic

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that name reminds me of the ravagers invading earth from Earth Defence force 4.1 but all that aside what a absolute Beauty of a Beat!

The purest Of perfection this is djjaner. You are a god among the musical community and have Gotten me to appreciate all kinds of forms of music over the years I thank you :)

Ah I remember this from the livestream 4 months ago was it I will have to check but anyways this is truly A Audio piece Worthy of the title “Somewhere in Nevada” I’m still head banging while texting this up a true Taste no a full course meal To the power of “Mr-Cheshyre’s Musical Talent” Anyways Have a brilliant Madness day!

cheshyre responds:

It was a pretty long time ago. I can't remember who suggested it, I think it was Not a Magician that said something about madness day. I remember thinking that I'd never get anywhere with it but here we are! And I remember you too! Or maybe I've just seen you in a few streams over the months. Either way, thank you for the support and the awesome comment. Happy Madness day to you!

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Bandit Hank Gets Dibs on your bones

Are we Gonna get the chance to Blow Big Facial Chunks Off Big Daddy Gestalt

Whispering hills for fallout 4 has made me have so many nightmares thanks to this thing being right outside of sanctuary even if I go past that area he’s in he appear in a different area within the commonwealth like the woods near vault 95. Anyways nice art

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