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2nd most favourite track from genesis pure beauty

that name reminds me of the ravagers invading earth from Earth Defence force 4.1 but all that aside what a absolute Beauty of a Beat!

The purest Of perfection this is djjaner. You are a god among the musical community and have Gotten me to appreciate all kinds of forms of music over the years I thank you :)

Ah I remember this from the livestream 4 months ago was it I will have to check but anyways this is truly A Audio piece Worthy of the title “Somewhere in Nevada” I’m still head banging while texting this up a true Taste no a full course meal To the power of “Mr-Cheshyre’s Musical Talent” Anyways Have a brilliant Madness day!

cheshyre responds:

It was a pretty long time ago. I can't remember who suggested it, I think it was Not a Magician that said something about madness day. I remember thinking that I'd never get anywhere with it but here we are! And I remember you too! Or maybe I've just seen you in a few streams over the months. Either way, thank you for the support and the awesome comment. Happy Madness day to you!

I just love that author comment Just so straight to the point got a fair chuckle out of me

normally not my favourite Techno style but You have seriously opened my eyes to a different Genre.

This is perfection a lot more how can I put it soothing in the way that the original always had that bumpy feeling the original is still excellent however it felt a fair bit bumpy and with this you’ve gotten rid of said bumpiness which gives mc10’s OST a lot more of a rhythm to it. Beautiful 10/10

Holy Fucking Christ Alive 24 Minutes and all 24 of it beautifully composed honestly how do you do it mr cheshyre this is more than epic it’s extravagantly Epic

cheshyre responds:

This was a really tall order! I honestly will probably never listen to this song again. lolz. But thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

This is a beautiful remix even though it’s not like the original with the length it still captures all the good vibes of illuvation

I can’t honestly stop humming and listening on to this masterpiece Absolutely fantastic.

cheshyre responds:

That's so cool to hear. Thanks for listening!

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