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Hell Yes HELL MADNESS YES It’s finally Here well on the 29th But still Omg I’m gonna put At least a quarter of my lifespan into playing this masterpiece

Love those affects and the high amounts of gore Absolutely Magnificent.

Oh no I died...

Absolute Blood Fest Let us all Run are faces into the wall and pledge are Gore to the almighty GOD Of Madness👌

If it’s a meme or not but why is that a massive paragraph orgy down in comments? Anyways Madness Combat 20.1 Looks epic

Marcus the newest break through in Mustard making In A local Fast Food Place Near You don’t mind the Extra pieces of his ruined stomach and intestines it’s fine eat away children :)

I do honest to heart love this episode not for the reason of realm the bandwagon but for the detail, the music and the setting of the whole ordeal it from the start was a bit bland until it showed mr Kelly green coming in but I’m not gonna write a whole reactionary view so my favourite of this whole madness melding extravaganza was the part where those crystal jet propulsion floating islands with the phase gate holes came and the whole sinking buildings as well for me it really captures what this story is half of the time anyways a harrowing dark and twisted sense of what madness can truly become with the right animation I felt so sorry for the nexus-core and A.A.H.W guys when they had to flee in there vehicles from nexus city to the science tower a sense of having your family and home being taken like during histories many wars but unlike that they can’t do anything to stop it because they are just not able to retaliate to this type of fight in all honesty this is the best animation from you so far I genuinely believe so not because it’s new but because it’s different apart from the floating islands and references and asset usage of Krinkels stuff Anyways Great Job on this Animation and I really do mean it there not a lot of madness animations that capture that type of dread be proud of yourself.

A beautifully well put together solo animation great job dude!

Very much enjoyable even though it’s only around 30 secs long it still drags you in to want more I especially love that building implosion scene that is top notch cannot wait to see what wild destruction happens next.

Shadz64 responds:

i try my best

For the meme 5 stars but I would like to more D3L@M Episodes to just see the beautiful comments who don’t understand what a joke is anyways Good luck on your future indevors.

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